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Whether you're at home planning your dream surf trip with friends, road tripping to the beach with your mates, or simply feel the hypnotic call of the ocean and are keen to find out more about the amazing waves we have on the planet, 'WORLD SURFSPOT TRUMPS VOL. 5' is the perfect gift!

Requiring no credit, signal, subscription or battery life, this classic fun card game can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere and consists of a deck of 34 professionally printed trump-style cards, including an ‘instruction card’ all packaged in a professionally printed cardboard tuckbox.

Will your favourite surfspots make the cut, and appear in the top 32 WORLD SURFSPOT TRUMPS VOL. 5?


Have fun!

Challenge friends to be the ultimate world-wide wave warrior by playing this convenient, fun and informative trump game.


Find out about 32 of the world’s most legendary lineups by comparing key, vital statistics from ten categories, reading the fascinating and detailed surfspot descriptions and viewing the stunning, high-quality, colour photos.


Weigh up the potential challenge of surfing the world’s most iconic surfspot waves like 'Lakey Peak', Shock', and 'Ghost Tree'. See how they match up, by comparing scores on categories such as ‘Consistency’, ‘Ride length’, and ‘Danger’. Uncover more essential details by reading some of the fascinating facts in the description sections on each card.

Be creative!

If you think a classic, secret, novelty or ‘mysto’ spot has been left out, use your own local/global knowledge or imagination to personalise and customise your pack by creating a ‘Wildcard’ spot to add to the deck, include your own statistics, description and photo.

Track and plan!

Use the ‘Been there!’ or ‘Done that!’ tick boxes to plot which spots you have been to and which ones you might want to tick off that surfspot ‘bucket list’!

Expand with more packs!

For super-long games, or if you are wishing to add more players, why not combine packs? Look out for ‘WORLD SURFSPOT TRUMPS VOL. 1’, ‘WORLD SURFSPOT TRUMPS VOL.  2’, ‘WORLD SURFSPOT TRUMPS VOL. 3’  and ‘WORLD SURFSPOT TRUMPS VOL. 4’ for an epic game! 


World Surfspot Trumps Volume 5 (5060783180042)

SKU: 5060783180042
  • New in!

    A Fun and informative, worldwide surfspot trump-style card game. Contains a pack of 34 professionally printed trump style cards (62 x 100mm with radius corners, on a special 330gr/sqm triplex paper of casino quality, assuring zero transparency, sealed both sides with playing card coating. Easy to shuffle, and resistant to wear and tear) including an ‘instruction card’ and ‘wildcard’ all packaged in a professionally printed cardboard tuckbox (consisting of 300gr/sqm laminated cardb

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