Four volumes of the legendary surfing card game featuring stunning photos of the world's most legendary surfing line-ups
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Be the ultimate world-wide wave-warrior!

With these eco-conscious, surf-travel themed card games.

Not a pack of playing cards, but a trump-style surfspot  card game using stunning photos of the world's most iconic surf spots.

Whether you're at home planning your dream surf trip with friends, road tripping to the beach with your mates, or simply feel the hypnotic call of the ocean and are keen to find out more about the amazing waves we have on the planet, WORLD SURFSPOT TRUMPS are the perfect gift!

Requiring no credit, signal, subscription or battery life, this classic fun card game can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere and consists of a deck of 34 professionally printed trump-style cards, including an ‘instruction card’ and a ‘wildcard,’ all packaged in a professionally printed cardboard tuckbox.

Will your favourite surfspots make the 'cut' and appear in the top 32 of WORLD SURFSPOT TRUMPS?



Made in a plant run entirely on solar power, all cards are made from recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. 

Unlike similar games, the outer package is made from cardboard (not plastic) and there is no inner cellophane wrapper.



World Surfspot Trumps An eco-conscious, surf-travel themed card game
World Surfspot Trumps Manufactured in a plant run solely on solar power
World Surfspot Trump Cards 100% recyclable, made from recycled paper Surfing Trump Cards Surfing card game
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World Surfspot Trump Card Game Collage Surf Trumps Surfing Card Game Surfer Gifts